Project 7: Corgi Steed!

Project Pitch: GF: “You know what the next one has to be…the fairie riding a corgi!” (see explanation below…)

Conclusion: GF: “….awesome.” (she then fell asleep reading a book.)

Personal Notes: So when we got our new dog, Cody Bushmaster Foley, we were reading up on him. Hes a Pembroke-welsh corgi. As it turns out, there’s something called “The legend of the Corgi” and a ton of really…REALLY…bad artwork to go along with it. What it said is that the Welsh believed that the corgi was created by fairies, who used them as noble steeds in battle. They’ve got this roll of fat behind their neck that was offered as evidence of where the saddle used to be. So obviously, we made jokes about it for weeks. Finally, the GF wanted me to draw it. And thus…the Corgi Steed was born! It would be the most adorable battle ever.


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