Some concept sketches for an unnounced personal project…

So, after seeing the work and success of some of my good friends, and looking at my current situation, I’ve finally started to engage in a project I’ve put off for too long…more info to come as I have it! For now, here’s some of the process of designing the “main” character…

This one is a lineup of the main cast of the story…including the primary antagonist! Can you guess which one it is?

I’m enjoying working on it so far…the development stages are fun, but the trick is actually putting out a product. I want to thank a good friend of mine, Meredeth Mclaren, who inspired me to get back into “production mode” with her blog/webcomic, which you can find at

More to come soon…Next step is to do some costume designs and figure out the coloring style I’m going to use…my typical hyper-saturated over the top color schemes with an altogether clean finish may or may not work, but we’ll see. That’s all part of the fun.


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