Personal Project Update…

So I figured I would post something about the so-called personal project I was talking about last week…I’ve decided to start up a little web-comic. Its in the baby stages…the comic itself and the characters don’t even have a name yet! I have a story, and a cast of characters, I’m just working on the overall style, and will update as I bring things together. I couldn’t have better people helping me get back into a storytelling medium, you tend to forget a thing or two after not touching a comic page in two years. But…the first page is inked! I’m over the initial creative hump!

I couldn’t think of a better medium to present work than a web-comic, its one of the truly free ways to express a story you want to tell to as much of an audience you can pull in. Its something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I’m planning on making a separate blog solely for its presentation, whilst keeping this up (a challenge, I say! The game is afoot!)

If anyone has any pointers, suggestions or criticism’s when I finally get around to creating the web-comic site itself, I’m more than open to hear them. (only if its constructive though, I don’t care if you hate it or not 😀 )



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