Here are some character designs I’ve created recently for On The Lamb. These have been great because the character’s aren’t just normal Brushfire characters…two of them are actually designs that were requested from incredibly generous backers of OTL’s successful Kickstarter campaign! I’ll show those two first:
First, there’s Tajir Serai, an albino lizard who is also a wandering merchant…
The next character is Kardaxx, a caiman who is the embodiment of self-determined justice.

Lastly, there is one of my favorite design’s I’ve had the chance to do…this is Tamatama, an insane little penguin who thinks he is a samurai…so he decided to make his own armor and weapon. He wasn’t part of the Kickstarter campaign like the previous two, but hes still pretty awesome. (please forgive the gradation at the top, I drew this on an awkward sized paper vs. what my scanner size.)


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