Realizing that I claim a lot of the work on this blog is being used for SOMETHING…I asked the company I’ve been working with for a few photo’s of the mini’s that have been made off of my designs to show you guys!

Here’s the first batch, this is the pilot of the Valkyr I designed a while back…

Here’s the original design I did for this character, along with the vehicle he drives, the Valkyr…a sculptor is working on that as we speak, I’m way too excited to see what he produces.

They have also sculpted the Samurai Rabbit I designed a while back, too!

They’re currently sculpting a few more of my designs, which I’ll upload them as they come! Apparently we’ll see some stuff at the end of August, after Gencon. This is a great business to work in…nothing quite like seeing your design’s sculpted!

Oh, and a quick side note.
The delightful RPG book, Historia Rodentia that I did a majority of the artwork for is on sale! If you guys are fans of table-top rpg’s, like D&D and Pathfinder, pick this book up. I guarantee that the writing for it is great, and the artwork is pretty good too! You can find it here:


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