My concept art for” Dreadball”, from Mantic Games!

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with Mantic Games on their ultra-successful Kickstarter campaign for their new game, Dreadball! Its a futuristic and bloody sport, only played by the toughest and most talented. They’ve picked me up because they literally ran out of art and needed someone quick to pick up the slack. So, yours truly swooped in like a falcon. I love working on these designs…and these are just the beginning! Oh, and feel free to check their Kickstarter out, at:

There’s a lot I cant show yet, but here’s what they’ve used so far:

These first two are “prone” figures. They’re used to represent knocked out characters. Instead of laying down your model that you painstakingly pained and may possibly scratch up, you can use these instead as a stand in! The first one is a forge-father, a sort of future dwarf, and the other is a goblin.

This next one is a “MVP”, unique single characters that act as free agents for a team. This one is Yurik “Painmaster” Yurikson, a Forge-Father who is absolutely brutal. (a commenter said it reminded him of Jack Kirby’s “New Gods”, that made my day.)

This final piece is a design for the cheerleaders. This has got a ton of positive feedback from the donators/the Mantic Games staff, which made me proud! The guys over there are great too, I came up with the idea for the skirt, and they actually wrote it into the fluff!

More to come soon once I get clearance to upload it.


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