MORE Dreadball Concepts!

With Dreadball in its final hours, they’ve released even more of my designs out into the world, which always makes me happy. Its nice to know that these designs will be REAL…that’s the best part about working in this industry, knowing I’ll get a little 3D copy of whatever I draw!

Anyhow, more designs! This round, we have a new team, a new MVP, and some prone figures.
First up is the new team, the Zees! I originally thought they were going to be some sort of would-be galactic conquerors with a serious Napoleon complex, but they ended up switching the fluff text on me. Oh well! Here’s the design:

Next up is the MVP for this team, Rilla.

Next up is a couple of prone figures for various teams:
If I’ve done my math right, there should be…about 7 or so more designs of mine waiting to see the light of day! I’ll upload them when I can.


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