Chinese Cowboys!

So I’ve been working with Game Salute Studios on one of their games, Blackwater Gulch. There are 3 other artists also working on their new up-coming Kickstarter campaign,  all of us illustrating a single faction. My faction is called “The Secret Fist”, a group of (mostly) Chinese railroad workers. This one is in full glorious color, something I dont get too many chances to use, so I had a blast working on this piece.

Well, this is pretty damn timely, the editor over there at Game Salute, the studio backing Blackwater Gulch, has sent me the final version used for marketing. How this works is they had someone illustrate a full color panoramic western background for us set these characters on top of. Their graphics guy also fiddled around with a few things to make it all work together, so here it is!

I’m the first one done, so I’m curious how the other artists are coming along…
*update: Apparently they liked the clean look of my piece so much, they’re using it as the standard for the other artists. I want someone to high-five for setting standards!


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