Sister from another Mister!

Seeing that Mantic Games has previewed it on their kickstarter, I figured it was about time to upload it onto my site. I’ve been working on a new faction for “Kings of War” that’s based off of holy units and humans. This is the first of 3 I’ve done so far…there’s this unit, the “Basilean Sister”, I’ve also worked on the “Man-At-Arms” and “Paladin” for this faction, but I can’t show those yet…this is a big piece for me, its the first official character design sheet I’ve done for this industry. They use these to make not just one miniature, but a whole bunch, via modular arms, torso’s, legs, heads, weapons, etc. Anyhow, here it is!

Basilean Sister_character sheet_without stiches


One thought on “Sister from another Mister!

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