A Dapper Wolf?

Well, 2013 is off to a really good start for me. After much discussion with the companies I work with, it looks like I’ll have some solid work until April-May, which is fantastic. I’ll be pushing +12 hour work days all through the month of January just to keep up with demands, so keep an eye out for more designs on the site!

So far, the year has started with a full color robot (cant preview yet), a futuristic tank of sorts (again, cant preview…) an edit to a hero unit (…you know the drill) and finally a very Dapper Gentleman Wolf!  This guys name is Arsene Leblanc, a new hero unit for Brushfire. I haven’t drawn a character for this line in months, so it was great to come back to it. Anyhow, more updates to come!

Arsene Leblanc


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