Character Concepts! Mini’s! News!

I haven’t had the chance to post in a while, so I figured I’d show off the Dark Dragoon! He is the opposite of the Light Dragoon from Endless: Fantasy Tactics. This designs was right up my alley…dark themed armored warrior. They are always fun to draw. It was a bonus too, seeing as I had to use the dragon I designed to inspire the armor design.

Below him are a few pics of the soon-to-be in production models for Endless: Fantasy tactics. I’m so excited to see this game up and running! It should be happening soon. (as a side note, I did not design the wizard. That was the artist who designed the original few classes.)Dark DragoonGelWarrior_zps996cba3cGelWizard_zps4ad0a2db542567_283357071793301_778776106_nAs always, I wish I could share all the other cool stuff I’ve been working on, but alas, there are nondisclosure agreements all around. I will say this, one of the secret games I’m working on is in production! I’m about to start working on interior art and coloring characters after I finish up filling out the ranks of the initial factions! As soon as I can share, I will!


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