One of the projects I’m working on for Mantic Games called “Deadzone” has absolutely exploded on its Kickstarter Campaign! It’s currently closing in on 300k with over 30 days left. I’m proud to say I’m a much bigger part of this project than on previous ones with them, like Dreadball and Kings of War (and a few others I cant share :P)

I’m proud to present a bulk of my artwork from that campaign, at least the work that has already been previewed via the KS campaign.

If your interested in checking out the KS, you can find it here: “Deadzone” Kickstarter Campagin

Of the pieces shown, there’s 4 color pieces, 3 of which are pencils from the extraordinary Roberto with me coloring, and one is fully mine: The Enforcer, Ork Marauder, Human Rebel (all me!), and the previously shown Plague Lord. There’s also a few black and white pieces I can show now: The Sorak, Yndij, a Goblin Marksman, the Rebel Hero, the Human Rebel, a Survey Drone, the Grogan, and the mighty Teraton Brawler!

Enforcer_color_v2Orc_Heavy_colorRebels_Human_colorPlague Lord_color_v1 edit copyGoblin Marksman_v5_final edit Human Rebel_v2 Rebel_Pouncer Rebels_Happy Feet Rebels_Heavy_v2 Rebels_Hero Rebels_Survey Drone Teraton Brawler_v2


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