Finally catching my breath…

The Deadzone Kickstarter reached 1.2 million dollars. I’m absolutely astounded by that. I couldn’t be happier knowing that I’m a big part of that! 😀

It is that time though…they uploaded a slew of artwork done by me. Here’s some of the finished stuff! I’m sure there will be more to come soon, but for now I’ll show what I can!

Marauder Hulk Brokkr Chief Brokkr_Remote Explosive Team_wip DZ_Blaine Goblin Weapon Team Hobgoblin Grenadier_v2 Plague Walker Plague_3rd Gen Female Alien_wip Rebels_Judwan Medic Rebels_RPG Team Rebels_Zees Scavengers Valkyr_wip_v2 Yndij Hunter Zombieton_wipOf course, I’m nowhere close to done with Deadzone…there’s still so much more to draw! Not to mention a project or two really kicking off. Its going to get really interesting for me in the next few months…I think Gencon will treat me well!


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