Mass Effect fan-art!

I’ve been replaying through the Mass Effect trilogy for the third or fourth time recently, and got really into it again. I think it was the Citadel expansion that did it…something about the world and relationships they built in that game inspired me to make some fan art. Its not something I usually do, but after this piece I might do some more. Being a tabletop artist, I’d love to eventually see a Mass Effect miniature game or just a tabletop RPG…maybe one day…

Anyhow, a friend of mine was playing the trilogy about the same time as I was, so I figured seeing as a lot of the game revolves around your choices and companions, I’d do a set of character designs based off characters we would like to see. Were still working on names and back-stories (were both giant nerds if you didn’t gather it by this point) but until then, here’s the illustration! I’ll upload a process post soon of how I went from sketch to finished piece.
ME_rough 7


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