Dreadball Xtreme!

The kickstarter for Dreadball Xtreme is moving along quite nicely, and they’ve introduced a whole slew of teams I’ve designed along with some MVP’s, sponsors, and plenty that hasn’t been shared yet. Here’s the designs I’ve done for it so far! If your interested in backing the Kickstarter campaign, you can find it here.
Brokkr Striker_color_edit Brokkr Team_edit Convict Striker_color Convict Team Concept_v3 Sphyr Jack_color_no lights Sphyr Team Rebs Sorak_color Chulep Sllee Sllee Far Rin Nomad_final Puorthog_v2 Sonic the Woodlouse Venus Flytrap Yndij Pirate_color Zee Pirate_color Scientist Teraton Engineer_color Hellfather Sponsor_color edit


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