Gods and Monsters!


Its taken 3 years of on-and-off work, with a heavy 6 months of full-time work put in recently, but the project I’m working on is finally coming to fruition! “Gods and Monsters”, our first official game, is launching on Kickstarter July 22nd! My partners and I have toiled away making sure everything is just right. We finally felt confident that it was time and decided to pull the trigger. SO, if you like giant monsters summoned by deranged maniacs with access to unlimited power, then this is definitely something you’ll want to check out.

That being said, I get to share all the stuff I’ve been working on 😀

I can only preview so much before the Kickstarter campaign, but what I can share is pretty sweet! We’ve got a few color designs, a few sculpts based off those designs, and the box-art for the game. I’ll update with more work when I can, I’m sure throughout the campaign we’ll keep sneaking new stuff out there.


For those of you interested in backing the campaign, you can read up about the basics on our website at http://alteredrealitygames.com/ and sign up for an early alert for the Kickstarter launch at http://prefundia.com/projects/view/gods-and-monsters/5804/.
We also have a facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gods-and-Monsters/215757861945894

Without further ado, here’s what we’ve shown so far!


The cover for both the rulebook and the box for “Gods and Monsters”

Bog Down_edit

Card illustration for “Bogged Down”

Tesla Shield

Card Illustration for “Tesla Shield”

Steampunk Knight in Color

Steampunk Knight in Color


Steam Knight sculpt.

Dimensional Horror_color

Moros’s Herald



Sample unit card for “Clockwork Drake”.

Banner 1_Half ScaleBanner2_Half Sized


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