Gods and Monsters!

I’ve been working as hard as ever recently on a project I’m partnered on called Gods and Monsters! Were slowly releasing art in bits and pieces, so I figured I would share what we’ve put up so far in glorious hi-resolution. There are plenty more Gods and Monsters waiting to be revealed, and hopefully we can get a chance to really share more about the game…but we have to make sure everything is just right. The big dragon-knight mech was previewed on Table Top Gaming News and we got a flood of emails about it. I’m taking this as a very good sign! Anyhow, here they are.

Arthur_color Cindy_color Randal_color Twins_color Moros_color Steampunk Knight_color Steampunk Giant_detail sheet


Counterblast Concept Art

One of the games I worked on called Counterblast is in the last 24 hours of its Kickstarter campaign, which you can find here. I really enjoyed working on some of this stuff, I’ve always been very fond of retro-scifi so it gave me a chance to dig deep into that aesthetic while giving it my own spin. Here’s some of the designs I did for the game…I may eventually get a chance to color one or two of these, which would be great!

Azro Rider Bond Pair Huntress Scout 1 Scythesister Brute 1 Human Brute Praetoris

Dreadball Xtreme!

The kickstarter for Dreadball Xtreme is moving along quite nicely, and they’ve introduced a whole slew of teams I’ve designed along with some MVP’s, sponsors, and plenty that hasn’t been shared yet. Here’s the designs I’ve done for it so far! If your interested in backing the Kickstarter campaign, you can find it here.
Brokkr Striker_color_edit Brokkr Team_edit Convict Striker_color Convict Team Concept_v3 Sphyr Jack_color_no lights Sphyr Team Rebs Sorak_color Chulep Sllee Sllee Far Rin Nomad_final Puorthog_v2 Sonic the Woodlouse Venus Flytrap Yndij Pirate_color Zee Pirate_color Scientist Teraton Engineer_color Hellfather Sponsor_color edit

Mass Effect fan-art!

I’ve been replaying through the Mass Effect trilogy for the third or fourth time recently, and got really into it again. I think it was the Citadel expansion that did it…something about the world and relationships they built in that game inspired me to make some fan art. Its not something I usually do, but after this piece I might do some more. Being a tabletop artist, I’d love to eventually see a Mass Effect miniature game or just a tabletop RPG…maybe one day…

Anyhow, a friend of mine was playing the trilogy about the same time as I was, so I figured seeing as a lot of the game revolves around your choices and companions, I’d do a set of character designs based off characters we would like to see. Were still working on names and back-stories (were both giant nerds if you didn’t gather it by this point) but until then, here’s the illustration! I’ll upload a process post soon of how I went from sketch to finished piece.
ME_rough 7

The Skies are Angry…

I’ve been quietly working on a side project with a few other partners to put out a new game into the market…its called Gods and Monsters. We’ll be releasing designs every now and then working up to the eventual kickstarter. I cant share too much yet, but it’s going to be big…you can find the facebook page here, to keep track of things! Here’s a few teasers:
Moros Steampunk Knight Gods&Monsters title_edit


Most of the work I’ve been doing recently cant be shared quite yet (mostly Mantic pieces, they’re almost constantly in planning for a new Kickstarter…) BUT I can share a few pieces from a new project. The game is called Counterblast, so far the designs have been incredibly fun to work on. It should get a Kickstarter campaign out sometime next week. Here’s a few of my designs for it!
Scythesister Scout-2 Scout 1 Praetoris Human Brute Brute 1 Bond Pair Huntress Azro Rider


The new book for Endless: Fantasy Tactics is finally here! If your interested in learning more about it or picking up the game, you can find it here. In the process of sending it off to print, I got a few last minute designs in there before its first official print run.
Aum Nausella Excavator Dreel Goblin Scavenger Pirate Slavemaster AinarKappa Light Dragon

Unused Artwork

So, I was brought on to work on a project to bring an RPG into the miniature war-gaming world. Unfortunately, they decided to cancel the project before we got any contracts signed (which was probably for the best). The good news is that I can share the work I did on it! Here’s a few pieces from the game. I’m not sure if I’m at liberty to share the title of the project, but if anyone has played the RPG they’ll know exactly what these were for.

Deadboy_edit Slaver Barge_slave girl_edit Thornhead Demon Tolkein Rifle Squad

Digital Practice

I noticed another artist who was working on the same project was leaps and bounds better than I am at digital painting, so I picked his brain for a bit. I’ve got a long, LONG way to go but learning anything is helpful. I’m going to push really hard over the next few months to step up my digital painting skills, but step one was getting over being a control freak over the details. I’m trying to be more painterly when it comes to rendering, but then there’s brushes and all sorts of other things to learn…I’m just taking little baby steps. Anyhow, here’s a piece I sketched out when I got my new Cintiq. I decided to render one of the characters in the piece as is.
Compassion_rough Digital Practice

Drake’s Endless Trials

Here’s a few designs for a new Endless: Fantasy Tactics character called Drake Dragonborn. He is a fallen crusader, who has an ability to transform into a hybrid dragon creature. I’m pretty excited to see the mini’s based off of these!

Drake Dragonborn Drake Dragonborn_dragon